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Manoeuvring your workforce through COVID-19

Practical Resources and a common sense approach to keeping your workforce safe, and your compliance in check.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted the way business and workers interact and operate. For many, working from home has become the new normal and the way forward, for other businesses, the set up, arrangement and procedures will be vastly different temporarily, and for others, it’s a step forward towards returning to the workforce.

Every industry will be different, and as a workforce compliance specialist we’ve collaborated with experts to publish a range of resources covering the most important assets in your business.


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Working from Home Safely Module

Generally, people are familiar with their own home, and inherently understand the risks and hazards of their home environment. This learning module outlines for your staff how to stay safe and what to be mindful of when working from home, either temporarily or as an agreed employment arrangement.

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Returning To Work Safely Module For Candidates

As candidates begin to return to work, it's important they understand how to conduct themselves to keep the workplace COVID safe. This learning module outlines candidates' WHS duties, and covers physical distancing, hygeine and cleaning, and how to monitor their health.

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Returning To Work Safely Module For Managers

As a manager, it's important you're ensuring that your candidates feel safe at work. This learning module covers measures to keep candidates safe, including physical distancing, hygeine and cleaning, health monitoring, and how to effectively consult with other duty holders to ensure everyone is maintaining proper standards.



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Getting Back To Business: A Practical Guide To Business Post COVID-19

As businesses start to plan for ‘Return To Work’, what are the dynamics that business leaders and practitioners need to consider to safeguard lives, livelihoods and their business?

We asked some of our partners for their insights into the key areas that need to be considered. The result is this resource that explores  Health & Safety, Legal, Talent and Mental Health that’s designed to support your plans.

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Working From Home Safely Checklist

While working from home is the new normal, it is still in the businesses best interest and good practice to look after, and keep employees safe and healthy, as closely aligned to what you would expect in an office environment.

To assist businesses and their employees, we have put together a free Work Health and Safety (WHS) Checklist designed to help both Employers and Employees assess health and safety risks in the home so they can be addressed.


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